25th April 2020 is the World Malaria Day

Komari Attack Game

Ride faster.

Hungry mosquitoes are after you.

Time to stop whining and buzz off!


Join the bicycle race against malaria in a lighthearted game with a big mission to educate and help the real world.

Malaria sucks!*

*pun intended.

The game

Enraged mosquitos are after you! Leave them in the dust!

This is a 2D game with a unique element of mosquitoes sucking the color out of objects (including you when they get you!). The cycling gameplay is similar to Draw Rider.

Although light-hearted and fun, the game carries a larger message about the malaria disease.

Finally Understand Malaria

People say things like:
"It's a dangerous disease."

You're pretty sure mosquitoes are somehow involved.
What else do you know?
Why is it such a big deal?

Play the game and find out!

Do You Got What It Takes?

You're a cyclist.
Giant angry mosquitoes are after you.

You might be wondering...
How did I get into this situation?

Why are they chasing you
want to suck all your blood?! 

You crashed their wedding* and that got them soo angry!

Will you ride into the sunset or end up in a mosquito cocktail**?

*Inspired by “Komari se zenili”, Czech song about mosquitoes' wedding.
**Bloody Mary, duh!